3 Simple Steps To Start Using flexiWAN

Free Account &

Trial Period

Once you open a free account, you get full access to our system & our support for a 1 month free trial period which may later be extended by flexiWAN.

Free Demo &

Understanding Your Needs

During the trial period, flexiWAN will contact you by email or phone to offer you a demo and understand your needs.

Moving to POC &


Get access to a longer term free POC and support (typically for MSPs, SIs and Enterprise deployments) or enter a credit card to start your production usage.

More Things to Think About

Gear up your POC Hardware

flexiWAN can run on bare metal, VM on in the cloud (See flexiEdge Installation in our documentation). 

If you are looking to run flexiWAN on dedicated hardware, since the delivery of hardware may take time, we recommend ordering a few devices for your POC ASAP. You may order online or contact one of our Hardware Partners.