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In its mission to disrupt and democratize the SD-WAN & SASE markets, flexiWAN has partnered up with Clevernet to offer the fastest and most reliable SD-WAN solution in the market. In this webinar, flexiWAN and Clevernet will explain how to use both solutions jointly to get, on average, an internet speedup of 6X.

The webinar will include a technical demo and time for an open discussion.

Why The Service Edge of SASE is So Important

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is getting a lot of attention these days but there are many misconceptions about SASE as SASE is not a standard but rather an architecture and concept. We see a conflict between the term Service Edge which is part of the name of SASE to the way some interpret the SASE architecture. Similar to SD-WAN, also in the case of SASE, enterprise requirements vary and there is no one single solution that answers all enterprise needs.

In this webinar, Sorell Slaymaker, Principal analyst at TechVision Research and Amir Zmora, CEO of flexiWAN will discuss what is SASE and how a decomposed SASE can serve the ever changing requirements.

Presented on Feb 4th, 2021

Presented on Dec 17th, 2020

Telefonica has taken the flexiWAN open source from an SD-WAN innovation initiative to a production ready reality for offering SD-WAN services. In this webinar, Telefonica, Intel and flexiWAN will review the journey they have jointly walked through to successfully bring an open source startup to a tier 1 telco service offering.


  • David Lopez, Product Manager, Telefonica
  • William (Bill) McDonald, Segment Manager for the Enterprise Edge / uCPE, Intel Network Platforms Group
  • Amir Zmora, CEO & Co-founder, flexiWAN
  • Jennifer Clark, Principal Analyst – Cloud Infrastructure and Edge Computing, Heavy Reading

Sorell Slaymaker, Principal Analyst at TechVision Research and Amir Zmora, CEO of flexiWAN share their view on the path to SD-WAN, how market requirements change over time and the role of open source in supporting this change.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How open source will lead to a de facto SD-WAN standard
  • Why service providers are choosing to resell multiple SD-WAN vendors in order to service different market segments
  • How a modular architecture can streamline the service
    offering across market segments

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