flexiWAN Webinars

flexiWAN and InsidePacket Team Up to Deliver a Hybrid and Modular SASE Solution

The integrated solution of flexiWAN and InsidePacket brings together the best of both companies’ capabilities including SSE and SD-WAN with multi-tenancy. This partnership also enables the ability to quickly and easily build and deploy secure connectivity between business locations and users to the cloud services the enterprise consumes.

In this webinar you will learn:
  • What Managed SD-WAN and SSE options are available to providers today?
  • How an open ecosystem model impacts network costs, agility, and flexibility?
  • How emerging managed SD-WAN, cloud connectivity and services offerings differ from traditional offerings available on the market
  • How flexiWAN and InsidePacket provide a cloud-based SD-WAN with built-in security and a flexible management model

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