flexiWAN TECHNOLOGY Partners

Technology Partners

As an open source company and an SD-WAN provider with a modular architecture that allows for 3rd party applications and technology integration, flexiWAN is partnering with technology companies in a wide variety of domains. These include:

  • Chip vendors such as our work with Intel
  • uCPE vendors and VNF management platforms similar to our work with Enea
  • Technology companies who are interested in contributing to the open source in development, testing or integration with 3rd party platforms

3rd party applications 

Another type of technical and business cooperation is with the development of value added networking applications that can run in flexiEdge and flexiManage.

Every enterprise and service providers SD-WAN implementations will be different based on the unique requirements for specific use cases.  flexiWAN’s open architecture that is modular enables 3rd party integrations to provide a complete solution. Such applications can be provided as a contribution to the community or monetized by the application developer through the flexiWAN platform similar to the concept of a mobile phone. These integrations include:

  • Product Vendors & Domain Experts – Firewalls & Security, WAN Optimization, Voice & video optimization, DPI… provided by vendors that provide additional security, telephony, and other functions.
  • As a Service Cloud Providers – SaaS, IaaS, PaaS looking to provide end-to-end networking and security to their offerings that can be integrated into their management and orchestration platforms.
  • Enterprises – Enterprises can customize their routing and security policies for how the traffic they generate is being handled

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