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Join us on our mission to create the second wave of SD-WAN An Open Architecture Open Source that unchains SD-WAN & SASE from monolithic, vendor locked solutions

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Looking to deploy SD-WAN or already have done so but concerned with the vendor lock and limited control derived from existing monolithic, vendor specific products and services? You came to the right place. The flexiWAN SD-WAN Open Source comes to solve these problems. flexiWAN leverages existing, state of the art, Open Source components combined with elements that were developed from scratch specifically for this project.

The result – a high quality, comprehensive SD-WAN Open Source that allows you to define your SD-WAN deployment strategy selecting anything from DIY to fully managed options that leverage flexiWAN.Through an open architecture open source strategy, flexiWAN creates a competitive landscape in which SD-WAN options based on flexiWAN are more cost effective and competitive than existing proprietary closed SD-WAN options.

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Why SD-WAN Open Source?

The shift from proprietary hardware to general purpose hardware has allowed enterprises and service providers to control and limit vendor lock as well as significantly reduce cost. Today, we are witnessing a strong trend of open source in the networking space, tier 1 and smaller service providers, as well as large and small enterprises, place open source as first priority when they come to select their networking solutions.

Open source is an accelerator of innovation, it reduced barriers to entry, allows companies to release new innovative products and services faster and at lower development cost which results in a lower total cost of ownership.

Quoting from Mike Volpi’s article on TechCrunch titled How Open-Source Software Took Over The World, “When top companies around the world are polled, few of them intend to have their core software systems be anything but open source. And if the Fortune 5000 migrate their spend on closed source software to open source, we will see the emergence of a whole new landscape of software companies, with the leaders of this new cohort valued in the tens of billions of dollars.”

This brings us to the natural shift from proprietary SD-WAN to SD-WAN Open Source.
While SD-WAN products use open source in their core, the products themselves are offered in the old fashion way of closed monolithic software. Moreover, the architecture of these products is closed, making them a black-box overlay solutions. Offering SD-WAN open source is only one element in a broader strategy of flexiWAN for democratizing the SD-WAN market, dramatically lowering barriers to entry for companies to adopt it or offer services that are based on the flexiWAN SD-WAN Open Source. Above all, the flexiWAN SD-WAN Open Source makes enterprise networking vendor lock an episode of the past.