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A New flexiWAN Version to Boost Your Network Operations, Reliability, Security, and Usability

Alongside these major updates, flexiWAN 6.3 includes several smaller improvements. These include enhancements to IKEv2 with PFS and Phase1/Phase2 lifetime configurations, improved BGP capabilities with multihop ability, and significant strides in system scalability. Not to mention, numerous bug fixes to ensure a smoother, more reliable networking experience.

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A New flexiWAN release supporting VLAN and Security Improvements

The release of flexiWAN version 6.2.1 marks a significant milestone in enhancing the performance, security, and management capabilities of flexiWAN SD-WAN software. With upgraded infrastructure, VLAN support, revamped network management interfaces, and advanced BGP features, flexiWAN empowers users to optimize and control their networks with ease.

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Understanding The Alphabet Soup of SD-WAN, SSE & SASE to Avoid the Premium Cost and Shackles of a Single Vendor Selection

SASE is never a one size fits all. In order for the SASE concept to be successful and dominant among all sizes of enterprises and service providers, it is required to allow for disaggregation of HW and SW and of the SW stack itself so different elements could come from different vendors. The application concept that flexiWAN, together with the unlocking of routing policy defined in the theoretical SASE recommendation, brings the Hybrid SASE to the forefront.

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Hello BGP

The latest flexiWAN release version 5.3.1 brings Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), Quality Based Routing support for internet breakout, interfaces status reporting and much more!

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Installing flexiWAN Just Became Easier

Making it easy to onboard a customer and a new site to flexiWAN is very important. Over time, we have taken several steps to improve this experience. We’ve added Zero Touch Provisioning, Web UI to flexiEdge for setting the token, troubleshooting and worked with our hardware partners to offer flexiWAN pre-installed devices.

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A Security Firewall Natively Added to flexiWAN

As security is becoming an integral part of enterprise networking, flexiWAN now adds a native security firewall. Capabilities such as LAN bridge configuration, OSPF improvements and other smaller features were added as well.

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