Gearing up with flexiWAN certified appliances became much easier

flexiWAN supports different types of deployments, from baremetal, through virtual environments to public cloud deployments. Finding the hardware appliance that fits your needs and is officially certified by flexiWAN is not always easy. This has now changed.

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Published July 10, 2024.

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Why Choose flexiWAN Certified Appliances?

How the Appliances Portal Works

Trusted Partners

Maximizing Your Investment with flexiWAN

We’ve built a brand new Appliances Portal that looks much more like a store and allows you to select devices from various vendors and request a quote, we’ll take care of the rest for you. As before, flexiWAN is focused on selling the flexiWAN software as a service and doesn’t profit from hardware sales. We created this hardware appliances portal to simplify the way you directly connect and purchase hardware from our certified partners.

The flexiWAN hardware appliances portal simplifies the selection process by offering a curated list of recommended appliances that are thoroughly tested, are compatible with flexiWAN, and come pre-installed with the flexiWAN software.

Why Choose flexiWAN Certified Appliances?

Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for compatible hardware for your flexiWAN deployment. Our new Appliances Portal features a carefully curated list of certified appliances from trusted vendors. Each appliance comes pre-installed with flexiWAN, ensuring smooth integration and top-notch performance. Here's what makes this beneficial:

Curated List of Recommended Appliances: The portal showcases a diverse range of certified appliances, each with a dedicated page offering detailed information, specs, and expected throughput. This transparency helps in making informed decisions based on deployment needs.

One-Stop Hardware Solution: No need to reach out to each vendor specifically for a quote, everything is available directly on our website, saving time and effort. Turnkey Solution: The appliances portal provides a straightforward solution. Each device arrives with flexiWAN pre-installed, ensuring both hardware and software are fully compatible and ready for immediate use.

How the Appliances Portal Works

To streamline your hardware purchasing experience, we've broken down the process into a few simple steps:

Filter, Review, and Select: Browse through the certified appliances based on vendor and deployment size. Each device has its own page with a detailed description, specifications, and expected throughput.

Request a Quote: Once the desired device is identified, add it to the quote and complete the checkout process by providing contact information.

Consultation and Confirmation: Our team will reach out to offer a call to understand the deployment plan, number of users, expected throughput, and other specific needs. This ensures the selected device is the right fit for your needs. Recommended pricing for the chosen hardware will then be provided.

Finalizing the Order: After everything is confirmed, we will provide the order forms and quotes directly from the hardware vendors, ensuring a smooth purchasing process.

Trusted Partners

Our Certified Appliances Page features hardware from some of the most esteemed vendors in the industry, including:

  • Aaeon

  • Advantech

  • Axiomtek

  • Lanner

  • Portwell

  • Silicom

We have been working with these trusted partners for many years. Each of these vendors offers discounted flexiWAN pricing, ensuring competitive rates for our customers. This strong partnership network guarantees that all listed appliances are thoroughly tested and optimized for flexiWAN, providing robust and reliable performance.

Maximizing Your Investment with flexiWAN

Choosing flexiWAN certified appliances brings numerous benefits designed to enhance the overall experience. Each device on the Appliances Portal comes with a vendor-specific warranty, offering peace of mind with the purchase. Some vendors offer an advanced replacement option, adding an extra layer of peace of mind.

Our certified appliances are continuously tested in our labs to ensure they deliver optimal performance with flexiWAN. This rigorous testing guarantees that the devices selected meet the highest standards of reliability and efficiency.

If the curated list doesn't cover your needs, additional options are available including stronger CPUs, higher core counts, and larger memory. Our team is available to to guide through the selection process, helping to find the perfect fit.

Visit the new flexiWAN Certified Appliances portal today and discover the best hardware options for a flexiWAN deployment. Enjoy the confidence of choosing from a list of rigorously tested, fully compatible devices, all from a single, trusted source.