Editorial Policy

At flexiWAN, we’re committed to providing our readers with accurate, timely, and valuable insights and information related to network security, performance optimization, enterprise connectivity, and more. Our editorial team is dedicated to delivering content that serves the needs of enterprises, service providers, and individuals, helping them better understand and leverage SD-WAN & SASE technologies

Editorial Principles

  • Expertise: Our content creators are experts in the field of networking and security technologies. They possess the knowledge and experience necessary to provide reliable and informative content tailored to our readers’ needs.
  • Excellence: Our editors uphold high-quality standards in every piece of content we produce. We ensure that our articles are grammatically correct, logically structured, and easy to understand.
  • Accuracy and Reliability: We only rely on credible sources of information when crafting our content. Our dedicated fact-checkers validate all claims made in our articles, and we regularly update our content to ensure accuracy.
  • Accessibility and Readability: We make a concerted effort to use language that’s easy to understand. We avoid unnecessary jargon and provide clarification for technical concepts when necessary.
  • Relevance, Purposefulness, and Newsworthiness: Our content must be relevant to our readers’ lives and needs. We aim to create engaging and beneficial content that adds value to our readers’ understanding of security technologies.

Editorial Process

  • Creating and Allocating Outlines: Our content researchers thoroughly investigate topics and compile information into outlines that guide our expert content creators. We allocate each post to the expert with the most relevant expertise.
  • Content creation: Experts use these outlines, their own knowledge, and industry research to create informative and engaging content.
  • Editing and Proofreading: Editors meticulously review each post for grammar, logic, and clarity, ensuring it aligns with the outlined objectives.
  • Fact-Checking: Subject matter experts validate the accuracy of our content, providing an additional layer of reliability.
  • Sourcing: We credit all sources to avoid plagiarism and enable readers to explore topics further.
  • Updating and Amending: We periodically review and update our content to keep it current and relevant. We encourage readers to report any errors or discrepancies to [email protected]

Advertising Disclosure

At flexiWAN, we may receive referral fees from the apps, websites, and service providers mentioned in our articles. However, we are committed to recommending the best products and providing factually accurate information that is not influenced by affiliate commissions.

We want to clarify that we are not responsible for verifying third-party sites, products, or services. We advise readers to review third parties’ policies and terms and conditions before engaging with them.

Terms of Use

  • Disclaimer: Our content is for informational purposes only and shouldn't be considered a substitute for expert advice and services from trained professionals. We strongly recommend consulting with qualified individuals or reputable companies when necessary.
  • Liability: While we strive to publish accurate content, we don't guarantee that it's entirely error-free. We're not liable for any losses, damages, or other consequences resulting from the use of our content.

At flexiWAN, we’re dedicated to maintaining the highest editorial standards and providing our readers with valuable and reliable networking and securities insights. We appreciate your trust in our content, and we continually strive to meet your networking-related information needs.