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SASE Tutorial - Understanding The Concepts of SASE

A recording from the SASE 2021 Conference.
The Webinar reviews the basic principles of SASE, the pros and cons of its architecture and the different deployment options. It also looks into the relationship between SD-WAN, security and SASE.
  • How SASE connects Users & Devices with Service & Applications securely and reliably.
  • Having a look into the Service Edge of SASE and the different approaches vendors and service providers have for this part of their SASE services.
  • Discussing the pros and cons of the SASE architecture and the different deployment options.
  • Considering the relationship between SD-WAN, security and SASE.

Sorell Slaymaker

SD-WAN Architect | TechVision Research
  • B.S. & M.E. in Telecom Engineering
  • Started working on the Internet in 1987 - Ran Midnet 1993-7
  • Network Architect six Fortune 100 enterprises
  • Gartner Analyst - Networking, UC/CC, Security
  • SD-WAN Experience - Started working on SD-WAN in 2012. Network Designs at: Large Retailers, Energy, Government
  • 2019 World SD-WAN conference chair

Amir Zmora

CEO & co-founder | flexiWAN
  • Dealing with SD-WAN since 2013
  • Consultant to the largest SD-WAN conference in Europe
  • Founder & CEO of SwitchRTC, acquired by YouNow Inc.
  • Former VP Products & Marketing for Radvision Technology BU

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