SaaS Based Secure & Easy To
Deploy Enterprise WAN With
Google & flexiWAN Joint Offering

Google and flexiWAN have jointly created a fully integrated SaaS based solution that simplifies enterprise WAN deployment and management. The solution utilizes Google’s cloud (GCP) and Google’s Network Connectivity Center (NCC) backbone together with flexiWAN’s open source SD-WAN.

The solution has been fully integrated and is
production ready so enterprises can:

  • Connect between their remote locations securely and at high quality utilizing the combination of flexiWAN’s SD-WAN and Google’s backbone, NCC
  • Securely consume cloud applications running in GCP with controlled and managed quality of service
  • Allow remote workers to connect to the enterprise WAN and services without compromising security and quality of experience
  • Benefit from the SaaS business model in which the combined solution is offered

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Use Cases


  • Securely connect your remote sites to applications and your organization’s resources in the GCP cloud
  • Improve remote site-to-cloud quality of experience and availability by selecting multiple connection types and path optimization policies, as well as access control by security policies
  • Connect to Google NCC Hub and to other clouds or remote cloud resources
Site to Cloud

Image: Site-To-Cloud architecture using flexiWAN’s SD-WAN and Google’s NCC and GCP

Read more on Google’s documentation

Site-To-Site Through Google NCC

  • Securely connect between your remote sites through Google Network Connectivity Center (NCC) Hub
  • The Google NCC Hub is used as a backbone where each remote site is automatically connected to the closest Google PoP utilizing the large geo distribution of Google
  • Traffic is sent on the Google NCC backbone and optimally sent to the destination from the closest PoP
  • Secure tunnels can be created over Google NCC or networks of other providers
Site to site

Image: Site-To-Site architecture using flexiWAN’s SD-WAN and NCC to connect to GCP
Read more on Google’s documentation

Remote Worker-To-Cloud or Site

  • Securely connect a remote user directly from his PC to the cloud, remote site or other enterprise resources
  • The flexiWAN remote worker application connects automatically through a simple web interface to the enterprise network
  • Geo optimization and availability are automatically applied for quality and service availability
Remote Worker-To-Cloud or Site
Image: Remote Worker Application is used to connect to the enterprise WAN and cloud resources using GCP & NCC