flexiWAN and Telefónica Collaborate on Modular Open Source Networking to Boost Service Provider Differentiation

Collaboration started in June 2019 and during 2020, flexiWAN and Telefonica will be running PoCs to test flexiWAN performance and functionality on white-box CPEs. The PoCs aim to test flexiWAN technology for customer branches that need throughputs from 50 Mbps to 1 Gbps of encrypted traffic.

TEL AVIV, Israel , Dec. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — flexiWAN, the world’s first modular and open source SD-WAN has announced today that it is cooperating with Telefónica for creating value added SD-WAN based services through the flexiWAN open source and modular SD-WAN solution.

Service differentiation, feature modularity with the ability to easily integrate 3rd party applications and tiered service cost structure are some of the drivers for the cooperation between Telefónica and flexiWAN.

The SD-WAN market is becoming a red ocean where differentiation between players is increasingly difficult. Furthermore, traditional SD-WAN vendors’ products are closed black-box solutions that limit open innovation making service differentiation a challenge. This scenario (closeness) is specially worrying for service providers building value added services (VAS).

“Telecom operators should position themselves as Value Added Services (VAS) creators by leveraging their vast commercial and technology ecosystems,” said Juan Campillo, Connectivity Innovation Director at Telefónica. “flexiWAN’s product vision is aligned with Telefónica’s current open networks strategy. Thanks to the openness of solutions like flexiWAN, Telefónica can better control the value chain fostering innovation, reducing complexity as well as adapting the product to companies with less networking knowledge and to a larger variety of enterprise networking needs.”

In addition to being open source, flexiWAN is designed in a modular and open architecture. In this architecture, the networking infrastructure is provided as the base layer with an application infrastructure layer on top, allowing to run networking applications developed by 3rd parties or flexiWAN in the router itself and in the management. This allows for dynamic integration of domain expect applications instead of using only what the SD-WAN vendor has selected for you.

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“Our work with Telefónica allows us to benefit from their vast experience and market reach to enterprises of all sizes and segments as well as to technology companies,” commented Amir Zmora, CEO and Co-founder of flexiWAN. “With this, we enjoy access to leading technology companies for integration and cooperation for enhancing flexiWAN as well as better understanding of the enterprise market needs.”

About flexiWAN

flexiWAN is on a mission to create the second wave of SD-WANs with an Open Architecture, Modular and Open Source solution that unchains SD-WAN software from monolithic, vendor locked solutions. Offering SD-WAN open source is only one element in a broader strategy for flexiWAN to democratize the SD-WAN market, dramatically lowering barriers to entry for companies to adopt it or offer services based on the flexiWAN SD-WAN Open Source. To learn more about the flexiWAN unique approach to networking, visit www.flexiwan.com, and follow the company on Twitter and LinkedIn or join the flexiWAN Users Forum.

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