flexiWAN Announces Global Channel Partner Program for MSP, SI and VAR offering SD-WAN Services

The flexiWAN global channel partner program gives MSPs, SIs and VARs the technical and marketing tools to offer differentiated SD-WAN services.

THE HAGUE, Netherlands, Oct. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — flexiWAN, the world’s first open source SD-WAN is launching today its channel partner program, open for MSPs (Managed Service Providers), SIs (Systems Integrators) and VARs (Value Added Resellers) globally.

Companies can apply to the program here.

“Over the last several months, hundreds of MSPs, SIs and VARs have contacted flexiWAN asking to become partners and leverage the power of the modular and open architecture of our solution for their customers.” commented Amir Zmora, CEO and co-founder of flexiWAN. “After on-boarding a few select partners, we are now opening this opportunity globally allowing partners to benefit from flexiWAN’s support and services for the open source.”

As mentioned in previous announcements, flexiWAN will be released to open source at the end of 2019, “the company is on-track to reaching this milestone,” commented Amir Zmora. In preparation for this milestone and for the first Generally Available release of flexiWAN scheduled for November, the company is now preparing with the proper technical and market reach to answer the strong market demand coming from hundreds of companies.

Since flexiWAN released its first beta on July 31st, 2019, more than 460 companies registered for the beta and over 150 installations were counted. With the launch of the flexiWAN channel partner program and the availability of the beta, partners are getting the opportunity to start first customer engagements and POCs.

Benefits of the flexiWAN channel partner program include:

  • A channel partner discount pricing model
  • Receive leads from flexiWAN in specific territories
  • Marketing and training assistance
  • Direct access to flexiWAN’s technical team
  • The opportunity to offer products and services based on an advanced, open and modular SD-WAN solution

“SDNbucks is a managed service provider that operates globally. As an MSP partner of flexiWAN, SDNbucks leverages its “Hardware-As-A-Service” platform, to provide flexiWAN based SD-WAN services,” commented Niek van der Ven, co-founder of SDNBucks.

“Utilizing the modularity and open architecture of flexiWAN, SDNBucks can offer its customers SD-WAN services that are more tailored to their needs and more cost effective in both HW and SW perspectives.”

About flexiWAN

flexiWAN is on a mission to create the second wave of SD-WANs with an Open Architecture, Open Source model that unchains SD-WAN software from monolithic, vendor locked solutions. Offering SD-WAN open source is only one element in a broader strategy for flexiWAN to democratize the SD-WAN market, dramatically lowering barriers to entry for companies to adopt it or offer services based on the flexiWAN SD-WAN Open Source. To learn more about flexiWAN’s unique approach to networking, visit www.flexiwan.com, join our user community and forum and follow the company on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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