Gilat Telecom Selects flexiWAN for Satellite, Cellular and Broadband SD-WAN Services Catering to Diverse Market Segments

G-BOX by Gilat Telecom utilizes flexiWAN & Clevernet to support the ever growing demand for reliable, secure and adaptive network connectivity

Tel Aviv, July 7, 2021 – flexiWAN, the world’s first open source SD-WAN & SASE, today announced that it has been selected by Gilat Telecom, a satellite broadband and connectivity provider, for its unique network communication suite. Since the solution was announced in May, the service has been deployed by Gilat Telecom at more than 10 end-customers and 130 sites with significant growth expected in the coming months.

The flexiWAN based Gilat Telecom SaaS communication suite caters to diverse market segments. Among others, the current deployment is serving customers of the following segments and network configurations:

  • Finance – SD-WAN deployment for financial sector branches requiring 150Mbps per each location in a hub and spoke architecture
  • Manufacturing – SD-WAN deployment for internet connectivity reliability utilizing multiple diverse interfaces and a deployment of multiple locations with capacity of 250Mbps per site
  • Education – SD-WAN deployment with 70Mbps capacity between multiple locations
  • NGO – SD-WAN deployment with capacity of 300Mbps per site utilizing several connectivity providers and interface types 

“A key factor for our customers when adopting new technologies is flexible, fast, and seamless deployment, which is crucial in our environment. Aside from fast TTM, the capacity of application based routing policy and APIs that allow for integration with the innovation Gilat Telecom brings to the service were imperative factors in our selection process. After conducting market research and further comparing different SD-WAN Technologies, we found flexiWAN as a leading technology and product offering featuring flexible integration that can support multiple communication lines including LTE, fiber, satellite and Wi-FI.” said Asaf Rosenheck, CEO of Gilat Telecom. “flexiWAN features seamless integration for fast delivery that enables a fast time to market that is crucial to our customers during today’s ongoing digital changes.”

With the openness of flexiWAN, Gilat Telecom was able to take a best of breed approach and utilize the pre-integration of flexiWAN and other technologies, giving its customers an unparalleled network performance boost, critical for cost saving over satellite connections.

“Gilat demonstrated strong technical, execution and business capabilities bringing together several elements for software and hardware, rapidly bringing to market a unique product that features satellite as well as other network interfaces.” Said Amir Zmora, CEO & Co-founder of flexiWAN. “The combination of best of breed technologies for SD-WAN, Security, WAN optimization and other applications into the G-BOX solution demonstrates the value flexiWAN’s openness brings to the market”.

About flexiWAN

flexiWAN is on a mission to disrupt and democratize the SD-WAN & SASE markets. With its “3 World Firsts”: First open source SD-WAN & SASE; First SD-WAN & SASE applications store; First SD-WAN & SASE SaaS business model, flexiWAN offers a different and open approach to networking.

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About Gilat Telecom

GILAT Telecom specializes in providing communications solutions for end-to-end network management, which include: bandwidth and connectivity on satellite infrastructure, fiber optic ,and radio infrastructure, combining value-added services from the most advanced in the worlds of communications and technology. 

The Company operates worldwide and provides its services to cellular operators, Internet providers, enterprises, government organizations, and emergency and rescue services in Israel and Africa.

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