Portwell ANS-9122

Empowering Next-Generation SD-WAN Deployments



Explore the Portwell ANS-9122, engineered to excel in modern SD-WAN environments with robust features and exceptional performance. Available with Intel Atom® C3436L and C3338R Denverton series CPU’s, this appliance delivers reliable computing power for intensive SD-WAN applications. Featuring four network interfaces optimized for gigabit connectivity, the ANS-9122 ensures seamless integration into diverse networking environments with support for failover and redundancy. This capability allows for multiple uplinks, enhancing network reliability and continuity.

Prepared for the future of networking, the ANS-9122 supports LTE and WiFi 6 (802.11ax) connectivity. It boasts 8x SMA antenna holes for WiFi or LTE/5G modules, complemented by 2 SIM slots for enhanced connectivity options. Its versatile design allows for both desktop and rackmount installations, adapting effortlessly to various deployment scenarios.

Ideal for enterprises seeking reliability, scalability, and readiness for upcoming technologies in their SD-WAN deployments, the Portwell ANS-9122 integrates advanced features into a flexible and robust design. Elevate your network infrastructure with the Portwell ANS-9122 and embrace the future of networking with confidence.

Specs and expected throughput:

* Intel Atom® C3436L(4C) / C3338R(2C)
* 4GB RAM (32GB max)
* 4x gigabit NIC
* 2x nano SIM slot – LTE support
* LTE & WiFi support
* Expected throughput – Gigabit NAT and up to 800 Mbit encrypted throughput (depending on packet size)

Additional information

Deployment Size

Medium, Small