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Webinar & Live Demo- How to boost your network performance by 6X with flexiWAN & Clevernet's joint solution for SD-WAN & SASE

In its mission to disrupt and democratize the SD-WAN & SASE markets, flexiWAN has partnered up with Clevernet to offer the fastest and most reliable SD-WAN solution in the market. In this webinar, flexiWAN and Clevernet will explain how to use both solutions jointly to get, on average, an internet speedup of 6X.

In the webinar we show a live demo of the joint flexiWAN & Clevernet solution comparing performance with and without Clevernet’s technology enabled.

Watch The Recording

Eva Myers

Eva Myers

Partner Sales Director | Clevernet

Francesco Ciaccia

Francesco Ciaccia

Senior Engineer | Clevernet

Amir Zmora

CEO & co-founder | flexiWAN

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