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Better Connectivity & Improved Stability, What’s New in this flexiWAN SD-WAN Release

A new version packed with functionality to streamline your SD-WAN production deployment

A new version packed with functionality to streamline your SD-WAN production deployment

The new flexiWAN release 2.1.2 is now available, bringing many improvements and fixes. With this release we have completed a few more milestones and planned features from our feature overview list.

Here is what to expect from this new release

Version 2.1.2 brings many improvements and enhancements, among others, is enhanced NAT traversal for asymmetric NAT using STUN. This feature enables establishing tunnels behind NAT or a router, without the need to enable port forwarding or 1:1 NAT on the upstream router. 

This is especially helpful for 4G / LTE devices as they often do not have direct public IP’s on WAN interfaces. The added STUN functionality also greatly improves IP detection on all WAN interfaces. More information on how to configure STUN can be found here.

STUN configuration in SDWAN
STUN configuration in flexiManage

flexiManage has been greatly enhanced as well, from both UI point of view and functionality. In this new release we are introducing configuration synchronization between flexiEdge and flexiManage to enhance production experience. 

Most of the sync functionality is happening in the background, which is automatically validating and synchronizing devices’ settings, allowing to revert back to the last working configuration in case something goes wrong. There are also multiple failsafe functions added to flexiEdge software, where it will revert from bad configuration after a timeout period.

From a user perspective, all devices in the inventory will now show a third status badge, “Synced” or “Syncing”. Please note that the sync functionality is available only for the latest flexiEdge version, so be sure to update your devices to utilize this functionality.

Sync of SDWAN device
Configuration synchronization between flexiEdge and flexiManage

Latest version of flexiManage also brings new enhancements to the user interface that improve user experience and make the configuration and management process of your network easier.

Among the noticeable changes are device statistics which have been greatly improved, offering more statistics with improved controls. Enhancements to the statistics can be found on the Devices > Statistics tab, as well as under Dashboard > Traffic, where it is now possible to monitor traffic per each tunnel, interface or altogether!

SDWAN Network Statistics
flexiManage SDWAN Network Statistics

Another useful improvement worth pointing out is the ability to switch between table or standard card view of devices, this is especially helpful when you have a large amount of devices in your network. While on Inventory > Devices, click on the “Table View” icon in the top right corner, above Clear Filters button.

flexiWAN SDWAN Devices Table View
flexiWAN SDWAN Devices Table View

Version 2.1.2 also brings a revamped and more feature rich System Checker utility with our new Power saving mode. Enabling this mode will conserve CPU consumption. Enable power saving option on lower end devices to conserve CPU and not have VPP process take 100% CPU at all times.

Systemchecker Utility

There are many other improvements and bug fixes in this release, check out the release notes for the full list. We have also rewritten and improved a good portion of our documentation, with more soon to come, so be sure to check it out as well!