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Installing flexiWAN Just Became Easier

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Pre-built SW Images and new cloud environments supported

Making it easy to onboard a customer and a new site to flexiWAN is very important. Over time, we have taken several steps to improve this experience. We’ve added Zero Touch Provisioning, Web UI to flexiEdge for setting the token, troubleshooting and worked with our hardware partners to offer flexiWAN pre-installed devices.

In this new release, we have taken another step forward and released the pre-built images supporting different formats as well as guides to come along with them.

We have also added support for Oracle and DigitalOcean cloud installations of flexiEdge.

New flexiWAN deployment options

The images and pre-build virtual appliances deliver flexiWAN on top of Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS. flexiWAN is using off-the-shelf Ubuntu and we will further update the OS to new releases as it will be required from time to time.

To download the new installation images and virtual appliances, please visit our new documentation section Getting & Installing flexiWAN. There you will find flexiWAN in several flavors:

  • flexiWAN ISO for bare-metal deployments. It supports both graphical and serial interface options. 
  • Pre-built virtual appliances for:
    • VMware ESXi, Fusion and Workstation.
    • KVM/QEMU
    • Oracle VirtualBox

Be sure to take a look at the readme files of the downloaded images or appliances before deploying as some networking configuration may be required.

Improved documentation pages and new guides

The revamped documentation brings a fresh new structure and several new deployment guides. The documentation flow starts from the flexiWAN system requirements, followed by the installation options and downloads page.

Support for installing flexiEdge on Oracle & DigitalOcean clouds

We’ve added a guide for deploying flexiWAN on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. We would like to thank our contacts at Oracle for providing us assistance and access to their OCI systems! New OCI deployment guide can be found here

We are also happy to add DigitalOcean as a flexiWAN supported VPS. This is the second VPS provider support we’ve added recently, the first one being Hetzner.