Aaeon FWS-7541

Powerful and modular / expandable 1U appliance

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The AAEON FWS-7541 Rackmount Network Appliance is powered by Intel® Xeon® D-1700 Processors, delivering Xeon-level performance in a power-efficient package. This appliance offers enhanced network management capabilities, ideal for uCPE and SD-WAN applications, with a compact design that supports extensive wireless module connectivity. It features Intel® QAT for accelerated data processing and robust security technologies, including Intel® PFR and Intel® Boot Guard. The system supports up to 64 GB of RAM, has 12 GbE and four 10Gb SFP+ ports, and offers optional IPMI for remote infrastructure management.

Specifications and throughput:

* 1U Rackmount Network Appliance
* Intel® Xeon® D-1700 Processors
* Up to 10Gb SFP+ x 4 (see note 1)
* 1GbE RJ-45 x 12
* Capable of line rate NAT and up to 10Gb throughput (depending of packet size and model used)

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