Lanner NCA-1040SE

Redefining Entry-Level Performance for Network Deployments

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Unlock the potential of your network infrastructure with the Lanner 1040SE router, the successor to the acclaimed 1040A model. Engineered for efficiency and performance, the 1040SE excels in edge deployments, branch offices, and retail settings, combining advanced features with a compact form factor ideal for space-constrained environments.g performance, delivering optimal results without breaking the bank.

Designed with affordability in mind, the 1040SE router features cost-effective pricing without compromising on performance. Equipped with 2.5 Gbps NICs, this model enhances data transfer speeds and connectivity efficiency, ensuring seamless communication across your network infrastructure. Like its predecessor, the 1040SE offers robust connectivity options, including support for LTE, empowering efficient data transfer and reliable network communication. Whether managing VLANs, segmenting traffic, or implementing redundancy measures, this router delivers the flexibility and scalability needed to meet evolving business demands.

Experience the perfect blend of performance, affordability, and versatility with the Lanner 1040SE router. Whether upgrading your network infrastructure or deploying a new solution, this entry-level powerhouse is your gateway to enhanced productivity, reliability, and scalability in networking.

Specs and expected throughput:

* Intel® Atom X6413E Or Intel Celeron N6210/J6412 Processor
* 4GB RAM (32GB max)
* 4x 2.5Gbit NIC
* 2x nano SIM slot – LTE support
* WiFi support
* Expected throughput – Gigabit NAT and up to 500 Mbit encrypted throughput (depending on packet size)

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