Lanner NCA-1513

Compact desktop appliance for diverse deployments

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Elevate your network infrastructure to new heights with the NCA-1513 desktop network appliance. Engineered for uncompromising performance and reliability, this powerhouse device redefines the standards of network responsiveness and security.

Driven by the formidable Intel® Atom® C3558/C3338/C3308 CPU, the NCA-1513 delivers unparalleled processing power to handle even the most demanding network workloads with ease. Whether you’re managing critical applications or implementing complex networking tasks, this desktop appliance ensures seamless operation and optimal performance at every turn.

The NCA-1513 isn’t just powerful; it’s also versatile. With support for LTE and WiFi connectivity, this desktop appliance ensures seamless access to your network resources from anywhere, whether you’re in the office, on the go, or working remotely. Stay connected and productive with reliable, high-speed connectivity options tailored to your needs.

Compact yet mighty, the NCA-1513 desktop network appliance is designed to fit seamlessly into any workspace environment. Its sleek desktop form factor makes it ideal for deployment in offices, branch locations, or small business settings, while its robust performance capabilities ensure uninterrupted operation under heavy workloads.

Specs and throughput:

* Intel® Atom® C3558/C3338/C3308 CPU
* 4GB RAM (32GB max)
* Available in variants with 6 x GbE, 4x GbE or 4x GbE+ 2x SFP
* 2x nano SIM slot – LTE support
* WiFi support
* Capable of gigabit NAT and up to 800 Mbit encrypted throughput (depending on packet size)