Silicom Nano

A compact, entry-level network appliance with a quad-core Intel® Atom C3000-series CPU, supporting LTE/5G and optimized for flexiWAN, ideal for powerful edge networking.



The Silicom Nano Network Appliance, a small, entry-level device that delivers powerful performance despite its compact size. Designed for edge applications, this appliance supports LTE and 5G connectivity, making it ideal for flexiWAN. It features a dual or a quad-core CPU and can accommodate 4GB DDR4 memory. Notably, flexiWAN runs exceptionally well on this appliance, providing a robust and flexible SD-WAN solution that enhances its utility in complex network environments.

Specifications and throughput:

* Scalable performance with CPU options (2 – 4 cores)
* 4x gigabit network interfaces
* Support for 4G/5G
* Capable of line rate NAT and up to 500 (depending on packet size and model)

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