Silicom Valencia

Advanced networking performance and edge-based applications with robust connectivity and customization options.



The Valencia Network Appliance Series features the Intel® Atom® C1100 processor, formerly known as “Arizona Beach,” and offers a cost-effective, compact solution for a wide range of network applications. Available in 2-core, 4-core, and 8-core configurations, this desktop appliance caters to various performance needs and is particularly optimized for high-performance networking tasks.

A key feature of the Valencia Series is its pre-installation of flexiWAN. FlexiWAN allows for flexible and customizable network management, emphasizing the ability to adapt to various networking services like SD-WAN, SASE, and IoT applications efficiently. This integration supports advanced networking options, including 2.5GbE and 10G SFP+ ports, along with PoE++ ports for enhanced connectivity and power management.

The appliance also boasts dual 4G/5G cellular cards for reliable, secure data transfer across remote locations and Wi-Fi 6 capability for superior wireless performance. Additionally, its expandability with various AI cards allows for accelerated processing power at the edge, making it suitable for applications requiring intensive computation like Edge Analytics.

Overall, the Valencia Network Appliance, with flexiWAN pre-installed, represents a powerful and adaptable solution designed to meet the demands of modern network environments, facilitating efficient deployment of SD-WAN, SASE, and IoT services.

Specifications and throughput:

* Scalable performance with CPU options, Intel® Atom® C1100 (2-core), C1110 (4core), or C1130 (8-core)
* Up to 32GB GM RAM
* 4x 2.5G copper ports and 2x 10G fiber ports
* Support for single/dual 4G or single 5G cellular cards
* Support for Wi-Fi 6
* Capable of line rate NAT (depending from the model) and up to several gigabit encrypted throughput (depending on packet size)

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Deployment Size

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