New flexiWAN Version to Boost Your Network Operations, Reliability, Security, and Usability

High availability, enhanced monitoring and alerting, enhanced network translation, improved network operations, and usability are among the key new features.

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By Ivor Kreso
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Updated May 9, 2024.

New flexiWAN Version to Boost Your Network Operations, Reliability, Security, and Usability

We are thrilled to roll out flexiWAN version 6.3, a pivotal update that signifies our ongoing commitment to revolutionizing network management. This release is packed with features designed to elevate your network operations, reliability, security, and usability.

High Availability With VRRP

In our continuous endeavor to offer robust networking solutions, flexiWAN 6.3 introduces High Availability using VRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol).

This feature complements our existing HA capabilities with tunnels and WAN failover, now extending to hardware high availability and redundancy. With VRRP, we ensure that your network remains resilient and uninterrupted, safeguarding against potential hardware failures.

High Availability with VRRP

LAN 1:1 NAT - Enhanced Network Address Translation

The new LAN 1:1 NAT feature in flexiWAN 6.3 is a game changer for handling local network traffic. Source and Destination Network Address Translation (SDNAT) are now specifically tailored for LAN interfaces.

This type of LAN 1:1 NAT modifies both the source or destination IP addresses of a packet as it traverses the network, optimizing the routing of incoming and outgoing packets. This ensures efficient traffic management and security within your LAN.

Notifications and alerting: A Major Upgrade

Understanding the critical importance of timely and detailed network insights, flexiWAN 6.3 revamps its Notification Settings.

These enhancements not only keep you informed about network events but also provide deeper insights into network behavior. Administrators can now customize alert preferences more granularly, aligning notifications with specific operational needs.

Notifications and Alerting

Redesigned Device Settings

Version 6.3 introduces a major redesign of device settings. We’ve replaced the traditional tab-based interface with a more intuitive, menu-driven approach.

This redesign enhances organization, visibility, and configuration speed, making your interaction with flexiWAN more efficient and user-friendly. This documentation will guide you through the new menu structure, highlighting the key enhancements.

DHCP Options: Extended Support

Continuing our commitment to versatility and functionality, flexiWAN 6.3 now supports various DHCP options for LAN clients. DHCP options are configurable settings in a DHCP server that provide additional instructions or information to DHCP clients.

This addition enhances the flexibility and customization capabilities of network administrators, enabling more tailored network configurations and client management.

DHCP Options

Tunnel Loopback Range Improvements

FlexiWAN 6.3 brings much-needed flexibility to tunnel loopback range configurations. Users can now modify the default tunnel loopback from to a range of their choice. This is particularly beneficial for deployments that already utilize the default range, allowing for more customized network setups.

Single Sign-On for dedicated flexiManage

Introducing Single Sign-On for Dedicated flexiManage

For customers who have chosen to use a dedicated flexiManage instance, we’re offering to set up Single Sign-On (SSO). That offers a more streamlined and secure access experience in addition to our 2FA. With SSO enabled, users can now log in using their organization’s identity provider, such as Microsoft, offering a tailored and secure authentication process.

This development is aligned with your existing security protocols, making flexiManage a more integrated and user-friendly tool for network management. Contact us directly for more details on dedicated flexiManage instances.

Further Enhancements and Bugfixes

Alongside these major updates, flexiWAN 6.3 includes several smaller improvements. These include enhancements to IKEv2 with PFS and Phase1/Phase2 lifetime configurations, improved BGP capabilities with multihop ability, and significant strides in system scalability. Not to mention, numerous bug fixes to ensure a smoother, more reliable networking experience.

In conclusion, flexiWAN 6.3 is not just an update; it’s a substantial leap forward in network management and security. With the introduction of these enhancements and upgrades, we believe that flexiWAN will solidify its role as a vital resource for network administrators across the globe.

Stay tuned for more updates and happy networking with flexiWAN 6.3.