Aaeon FWS-2365

Connectivity powerhouse.

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The AAEON FWS-2365 desktop network appliance is a robust solution tailored for demanding flexiWAN SD-WAN applications. It is powered by the Intel Atom® Processor C Series, formerly known as Denverton, and supports processors ranging from four to sixteen cores. This appliance is designed to accelerate deployment of advanced networking functions. The device boasts up to four SFP+ Fiber 10 Gbps ports for high-speed connectivity, along with up to six copper Gigabit LAN ports, two of which can be upgraded to SFP. It also features LAN Bypass for continuous service, supports up to three wireless expansion cards and six antennas for comprehensive Wi-Fi, 4G, and 5G support, enhancing IoT connectivity.

Specifications and throughput:

* Intel® Atom® Processor C3558
* Default with 8GB RAM/ 64GB SSD/ On board 16GB eMMC
* 6x Gigabit ethernet
* 2x 10G SFP+ port
* Supports LTE/5G
* Supports wiFI
* Capable of gigabit NAT and up to several Gbit encrypted throughput (depending on packet size and device model)

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